Brand imagery for use across media. This highly confidential "reveal" photo shoot happened in Joshua Tree National park and Mammoth, CA. Due to some crazy unforseen circumstances (beyond agency control of course, ahem). We were forced to send the vehicle back to Detroit halfway through the shoot. Rather than wasting our client's budget and flying home, we formulated a plan. We pushed forward and shot backplates in Mammoth, then shot the Traverse in a Detroit studio. Using a mixture of light trickery and magic, we created environmental reflections in the studio. We then stripped the studio shot Traverse into the intended environments to make the shots. It's a super secret sauce that works great for shooting confidential vehicles. And only myself and a handful of other people know how to do it. Yep. It was a fantastic creative collaboration between Team Dana Neibert and Team James Haefner. I'm so thankful and lucky to work with such amazing talent. One thing to add: GM only revealed two new vehicles at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. This Chevy Traverse and the GMC Acadia. That week GM's stock went up by $2 billion. Which is good for my clients, and the city of Detroit. I like to think these images helped. Location photography and interior backplates by Dana Neibert Location production by Paige Dorian In-studio photography of the vehicle (stripped into Mammoth shots) by James Haefner Interior photography by James Haefner Creative retouching by Craig Morrison Final retouching (exteriors and interiors) by Carbon Detroit

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