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Creating stuff and solving problems is my passion.

Building automotive brands is my specialty - with a laser focus on developing brand content that launches vehicles, and stays evergreen across all consumer touch points (paid, owned and earned).

Along the way, I like to work hard and have fun.
(Part-time freedive spearo)

Industry Awards: Communication Arts, Effies, One Show, D&AD, Clios, D show, ANDYs, ADDYs, Jay Chiat

Award Show Jurist: GoSee, Le Book

My automotive art direction has been supported by billions of dollars in media weight.
This has resulted in an incredibly huge amount of campaigns, content and marketing across every marketing channel.
I don't show the vast majority of ads or content placements in my portfolio here because that isn't currently possible with the scale of an automotive brand like Chevrolet. 
When it's time to launch a vehicle, I partner with Chevrolet marketing clients to create the brand image for their vehicle. We then turn the work over to the creative marketing teams devoted to managing the content for their respective vehicles and verticals.  
After that I move on to the next project, and repeat...
When I'm not launching automobiles you can find me on adventures with my family, swimming laps, spearfishing, creating my YouTube channel @SeniorShapeFitness, or working on my house or rentals.

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