Commonwealth // McCann
Creative Director, Stills and Motion 
August 2017 - Present  | Detroit, MI, USA 
Every vehicle has a unique identity and position in the marketplace. I create brand imagery that brings them to life.

To do this, I partner with photographers, cinematographers, producers, editors, artists, clients, creatives, colorists, compositors, composers, stylists, strategists, retouchers, animators, sound designers, executives, agents and talent to create beautiful compelling Chevrolet stories.

Notable projects:
2020 Corvette Launch
2020 Silverado Heavy Duty Launch
2019 Silverado Launch + Reveal
2019 Camaro Launch + Reveal
2019 Blazer Launch + Reveal
2018 Traverse Launch + Reveal
2018 Equinox Launch + Reveal
2018 Colorado ZR2 Launch
2017 Silverado Heavy Duty Launch
“How to tell a Chevrolet Story” Global Brand Bible
Working Not Working
July 2013 - Present  | Detroit, MI, USA
Brand creative. Made from scratch.
Commonwealth // McCann
Associate Creative Director 
September 2015 - August 2017  | Detroit, MI, USA 
Trucks, SUVs, Crossovers, Global, Electric Vehicles, Performance and Promotions

Commonwealth // McCann
Freelance Creative Director 
March 2015 - August 2015  | Detroit, MI, USA

Lowe Campbell Ewald
Associate Creative Director 
September 2013 - February 2015  | Detroit, MI, USA
Launched the all-new Escalade 
Launched the first-ever ATS Coupe 
Launched the all-new CTS 
Revealed the ATS-V and CTS-V 
Launched the first-ever ELR

Working Not Working
Freelance creative on Cadillac 
July 2013 - September 2013  | Detroit, MI, USA

Creative Director 
June 2011 - June 2013  | Southfield, MI, USA
I traded the world of premium cars for the world of premium audio, and mattresses. harman/kardon, JBL, HARMAN, AKG, and Serta

McCann Erickson Detroit
Associate Creative Director 
April 2010 - June 2011  | Birmingham, MI, USA
SAAB was great experience. The little carmaker from Sweden had just been spun off from GM, and I was lucky enough to be a part of it by leading an integrated team of thinkers and doers. We created brand advertising, online content, CRM, OLA, retail, POP, social, everything. In the end we couldn't rescue SAAB from the forces of capitalism, but we sure tried. The work was recognized with 4 awards in the 2011 D Show.

Organic, inc.
Art Director 
March 2007 - March 2010  | Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA
I dove into the wonderful world of interactive, and found happiness. Part of the ideation group that created all of the online content for Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge. Also created work for Bank of America, Intel, Kimberly-Clark, and College for Creative Studies. Developed a deep understanding of how to create internet.

McCann Erickson Detroit
Freelance Art Director 
2006 - 2007  | Birmingham, MI, USA
Working for General Motors was my first taste of automotive advertising. I was hooked, completely hooked. Also worked on Honeywell brands and the Motown Museum, which was fun.

2001 - 2007  | USA

I have worked with various clients and agencies on a freelance basis over the years. If you'd like more details, please ask :)

Berlin Cameron United
1999 - 1999  | New York, NY, United States
Walked among giants. Tried to stay out of the way while learning everything possible.


Depauw University 
1996-2000 BA - Mass Communications major, Studio Art minor
The Creative Circus
2000-2004 Art Direction 
Started in 2000, left in '01. Worked a bit, returned and graduated in 2004.


"After freelancing for agencies from all 4 holding companies, I've worked under a lot of great Creative Directors. Mike Brooks stands above the pack (not just metaphorically, but physically as well…dude is like George Washington tall). He has the impeccable award-winning taste that creatives admire; a mind for business that clients respect; and a passion that is infectious for the team. As a team lead, he can sell the killer work and understands the massive value waiting to be unlocked by mentoring younger talent (a point too often overlooked). I can honestly say I don’t think there was a member on the team who didn’t grow professionally after working with him—myself especially. To top it all off, he's the nicest most humble guy ever. I’d work for Mike again in a heartbeat.”
Kevin Atiyeh, Freelance Art Director, Designer + Technologist at 
reported directly to Mike at Lowe Campbell Ewald

"Mike Brooks is a highly engaged, passionate, and collaborative creative partner. He brings a unique, yet strategically sound, vision to every project – he understands the nature of his client’s business but does not let that limit his creative expression. I found him to be both intense and enthusiastic at the same time; like a kid in a candy store contemplating seriously what his spare change will buy. He relishes the learning process, and is always curious. These are traits I admire most in a creative partner, and Brooks has them in spades. He is keenly passionate about the automotive category; that said, I would not limit him to auto – he is interested in so many things. As a family man, he has the right balance in his life, but works tirelessly without effort, true evidence of his creativity. He pushes the boundaries and believes strongly in having a point of view, which only enhance his creative capabilities. He can see the forest and the trees, and paints them both with equal passion."
Sherrie Weitzman, National Advertising Manager, Cadillac at General Motors 
"Mike's ability to amaze, surprise and delight with his creativity and designs have made working with him a joy. His gift of exploration allows him to not only deliver what was asked for, but to also exceed the expected. His knowledge of all things digital and graphical makes his ideas relevant, smart, beautiful, engaging and successful.
Mike has a great work ethic, art aesthetic, and deep knowledge of all things fast." 

Tom Helland, Design Director at Leo Burnett Group 
worked directly with Mike at Organic 

“Mike Brooks is a Graduate of The Creative Circus. I was his teacher in several classes. He's got talent, skills and ability. He's smart. Mike is a very hard, sincere worker. A Team Player but he can do it all alone if there's no one to play with. He's a contribution to any place and anyone he works with. Norm Grey ECD The Creative Circus”
Norm Grey, exec cd at The Creative Circus,
taught Mike at The Creative Circus
“It's a pleasure to work with fresh thinkers like Mike. There is no shortage of ideas flowing from between this guy's ears, and he's not shy about bringing those thoughts out for others to critique. Those are fine qualities in an Art Director. Unexpected ideas, a great sense of humor and a solid work ethic make Mike a welcome addition to any project.”
Scott Lange, Midwest Creative Lead at Google
managed Mike at Organic

“I once saw Mike Brooks eat a live hamster. It was incredible. He did it with such class and panache. If you ever get the chance to meet Mike, ask him about it. Or maybe don't. Maybe just ask him about his work. It too is pretty damn incredible.”
Matt Soldan, Executive Creative Director at Team Detroit
managed Mike at McCann Erickson
“Mike Brooks is an outstanding creative individual with an amazing talent for idea generation. Always surprising. And a heck of a nice guy to boot. A definite asset to any project requiring original thinking.”
Michael Limbert, Integrated Creative Director at Leo Burnett Chicago
managed Mike at McCann Erickson
"Mike is deep inside the vortex. 
He knows what's happening. Not today but tomorrow. And the day after that. He is one of those people who is truly curious about where we're headed. And determined to bring clients to that destination.
More and more, agencies will be staffed with Mike Brooks types. Versatile in every medium, someone who can bring work the client wasn't expecting.
Mike can be counted on to not only lead teams but to be in the trenches right along with them. As a genuinely humble person, he can get great work from people in all the right ways.
Mike was always someone I could turn to in the agency to get constructive feedback on any project.
He taught me to mine the vortex for new ways of thinking. New ways of seeing. New ways of connecting. Not just for creating ads. But for creating solutions."
Jeff Wolfe, Associate Creative Director at McCann Ericsson Detroit 
worked indirectly for Mike at Doner

“Mike is a creative director that most creatives wish they had leading the pack. A true visionary, nothing can hold back his energy and optimism for a new idea. Once he sees the seed of an idea you can trust him to plant it. Care for it. Love it. 'Till its a frick'n full grown award winning redwood. Most of all he nurtures the best in those around him, which is hard to find these days.”
Chris Perry, Associate Creative Director at Edelman 
reported to Mike at Doner
“What a pleasure to work with Mike, the Associate Creative Director on Saab. Professional, talented, knows how to communicate his ideas and provides the necessary information to accomplish the job in a timely and friendly manner. You can come to Mike at any time, always there to help with a positive attitude. An asset to any agency.”

Carolyn Katz-Reisner, Graphic Designer at McCann Erickson/Birmingham, MI 
worked with Mike at McCann Erickson
“I used to think he was crazy, that he was just playing out in left field somewhere. But then I actually got to play some ball with him... Mike's got a heart of gold and he always makes me smile. It's because of how he operates, how he thinks, about himself and others. Doing it the way it's always been done doesn't even occur to Mike. His ideas and designs always stand out from the pack and people just seem to be drawn to them... Dedicated, yes. Insightful, yes. Passionate, yes... If you like being around someone who's always thinking, "whatever it takes", who's always saying, "let's make this awesome", and who's always asking, "how can we do this better?", then hang around Mike. If that kind of stuff makes you nervous, try somebody else. But when you're ready to get in the game with him you won't find him somewhere out in left field, you're going to find him in the field of dreams — and if Mike built it the people will come.”
Scott White, Creative Director at Dassault Systèmes 3DEXCITE 
worked directly with Mike at Organic
“Mike is one of the most well rounded Creative talents that I’ve worked with. Not only is he a good designer, but also posses a truly creative mind. Mike usually has so many ideas it’s sometimes hard just to pick one. Mike not only has the creative bug, he also has a desire to understand the production side, which gives him a great knowledge base to build off from. Mike is truly a creative force in the making. I would highly recommend Mike to any creative team.”
Gil Clough, CD/Creative Lead at Latcha + Associates 
managed Mike at Organic

Mike's brain oozes with creativity. His out of the box thinking can take any project to the next level. Take his creativity and combine it with his mad design skills and you have one killer creative that will raise the bar in any creative department. Mike has a great attitude and exceeds at design, art direction, directing photo shoots, CGI vendors and retouching. He is truly a great person and I look forward to working with him again in the future.”
Dwayne Jaskulka, Associate Creative Director at Latcha + Associates 
worked directly with Mike at Organic

“Mike's a versatile art director and a solid dude. he can direct shoots of all kinds. he can concept straightforward or leftfield campaigns. he can push pixels when needed... plus he'll whip you up a sweet chalk drawing if you ask nicely.”
Sam Cannon, Executive Creative Director, North America at Razorfish 
managed Mike indirectly at Organic

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